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Russian Virgin Remy Hair

Here at Naama, we offer exclusive high end, hand crafted wigs, falls, toppers, and hair extensions for our customers to choose from. We use the purest Russian Virgin Remy Hair available for our premier line, and we know what world class quality means, accepting only the finest tresses from our suppliers. Our hair is hand sorted by exceptional designers, who gather the highest quality strands for our one of a kind hair pieces.

Other Hair We Use

We do also use hair of other origins in some of our products. Whether that be Uzbekistan, Malaysian, Asian or South American it is all Virgin Remy Cuticle Intact Hair and>it is culled and sorted to insure that you only get the premier hair in our products.



Beware the claims

As custom wig makers, we have seen many different types of hair over the years, including hair some of our suppliers had claimed to be real Russian hair. It was a challenge finding true Russian Virgin Remy Hair for our wigs, bands, falls, and extensions. By becoming the importer of all of our hair, we have overcome this hurdle and guarantee that all of our hair pieces will be made using only 100% real Russian hair. Other hair pieces you see online can include many processes like keratin washing, silicon dressings, and acid washes in an effort to make Indian, Asian, or Brazilian hair appear to be Russian hair, but after just a few washes, it loses it’s color, shine, luster and natural feel it had just 2 or 3 washes prior. This chemically processed and dyed hair begins to look and feel more like horse hair and becomes brittle and dry. We inspect all of the hair that comes in, to ensure it is Russian Virgin Remy Hair. All hair that comes in is stringently tested to make sure that the hair we use in our wigs, falls, bands, hair extensions and bulk hair is exactly what we say it is. Russian Virgin Remy Hair is absolutely the finest and some of the rarest in the world, especially when it comes to the lighter colors like blonde. In our “Elite“ and “Custom” lines, it is the only hair we use. If you see or try our hair pieces, you will never again want to buy anyone else’s products. This is the same hair we use in our hair extensions products.

Buying Hair can be risky business

There is no question that buying hair can be quite risky. Some companies claim that they have Russian hair in stock here in the USA, when in fact, they ship it from overseas. For this reason, it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days, or longer, before you receive it. You’ll probably have to pay for the hair up front, then worry about what type of hair you are actually getting when it finally arrives. When you see hair priced online at 100-400 dollars for 100 grams of hair, it’s hard to believe that this is truly Russian hair. It’s likely some form of chemically processed, acid washed or dyed hair, especially when it comes to the lighter colors such as blonde. High end salons, fashion wig designers, and stylists for the stars, all know the rarity and value of genuine Russian hair. If a company says they have real Russian Virgin Remy Hair in stock, the market price will reflect that claim.

Our Promise

First, let’s be honest it is not cheap but it is a great value for what you are getting. What we pay for the hair varies by length color and grade. Remember not every Russian/Ukrainian or Slavic person has GREAT hair That applies to all people of the world. Not everyone has great hair. Depending on what we pay is how we price our Virgin Remy Cuticle
Intact, Russian Hair extensions. The price also depends on whether you want “pony tails” , single drawn hair, double drawn hair etc…. Yes we have all 3 types in stock. Second, we have been a manufacturer for over 20 years and we are now introducing a retail line of Wigs, 360 Hair Bands, falls, Toppers, and our patent pending multi-part wigs and falls which are all made from our Virgin Remy Russian Hair. Our “Perfect Fit Scanning System” for perfect wig fitting is being introduces also. What better way is there to introduce our technology and products to the marketplace then by meeting owners who need hair also.

See Before You buy!

We are in the Los Angeles area, right next to Beverly Hills and as a manufacturer we have stock in our warehouse. Do we have every color and every length at all times? NO! That would literally be impossible. This hair is rare, in short supply and in great demand. We do stock hundreds of Kilos of hair in stock at any given moment (it does vary), so we probably have what you are looking for. If you are in the greater Los Angeles area, we can bring the hair to you for inspection. If you have Skype, you can call us and we will show you what we have that meets your specific needs. You can truly see we have nothing to hide and the hair will arrive to you poste-haste.