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Hair Extension Grading System
Human hair extensions are measured in grades, from grade A to grade AAAAAA. The lower the grade, the less expensive the extension, the lower the quality and the shorter the lifespan. We sell only 100% Virgin Remy and Remy human hair, ensuring a higher quality product. Below is a listing of grades:

Grade ‘A’
Non-Remy mixed human hair, in which the cuticles have been stripped and replaced by a silicone coating for shine. Hair could be mixed with natural fallen hair and animal hair. Grade A hair does not have a long life, lasting on average 1 month, even with extra care and minimal use.

Grade ‘AA’
Remy human hair that has been subjected to more basic production processes than higher graded hair, but remains a top seller in the hair industry due to the low price point. Grade AA hair will last 2-3 months on average when properly maintained.

Grade ‘AAA’
Remy human hair that is processed to create a more conditioned, longer lasting hair which holds up to multiple washes, while maintaining a longer-lasting soft, shiny, healthy look. Grade AAA hair will last 3-4 months on average when properly maintained.

Grade ‘AAAA’
Remy human hair that has undergone a more rigorous quality control process to ensure that it stays soft, shiny and tangle-free for a longer period of time. Grade AAAA hair is strong and durable, suitable for extended wear. It will last 4-6 months on average when properly maintained.

Grade ‘AAAAA’
The highest quality processed 100% Remy human hair, with strength similar in condition to Virgin hair. Grade AAAAA hair starts as undyed, unprocessed Virgin hair, which we then gently color in our 100% organic proprietary coloring process, to bring you a wide variety of natural-looking European colors. The ratio of long hairs is extremely high, and it is often double drawn to prevent tapering at the ends. It will remain soft, sleek and healthy for 9-12 months or more when properly maintained.

Virgin Remy Hair (Grade ‘AAAAAA’)
The best quality hair available, Virgin hair is still in its purest form, free from dyes, bleaches or chemical processes. Virgin hair stays softer and lasts much longer, maintaining superior shine. Virgin hair is the “Crème de la Crème” of human hair. It is extremely durable and will last 1-2 years if properly maintained.