Our products contains Bio-mineral Technology. These combine natural plant botanicals and Minerals to ensure that your hair or hairpiece/Wig/Sheitel will not be damaged by chemicals that strip the natural beauty of your hair. As an example, Sunflower seed extracts and coconut milk proteins deliver silky hair with a radiant and unimaginable shine.
Powerful anti-aging and collagen building properties seal the hair cuticle and protect it from fade and damage.

All Naama Products contains our Bio-Mineral Technology so that you are assured that your hair will always look its best, last longer and will be healthier even with the environmental factors that work against you.
Undamaged hair that is soft, strong, resilient and full of shine is what our products deliver. Within each product is a selection of minerals and protein catalysts that are designed to deliver the nutritional benefits that healthy hair needs.
When minerals like quartz, Bizmuth and Rhdochrosite are perfectly paired with botanical protein catalysts such as pumpkin seed protein, quinoa protein and silk protein, the building blocks for healthy hair are replenished and repaired deeply, within the hair shaft for lasting results.

Just try this product and you will be hooked and so will your hair!  You will have the look you have been yearning for and desiring for a long time.

You can be assured using Naama Products, that your hair will always look its best all the time!

All of our products are Sulfate and Paraben free!