The Hombre

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Be Bold with the Hombre!

The Hombre can be a complete  1 piece wig wig or built as a section for our  standard and custom 3 piece modular wig system… Go ahead give it a try!  Walk on the Wild side!

Whether you desire a Custom 3D scanning Mold of your head, affording you  the most natural hairline available today! Luxurious, Beautiful, Virgin, Remy, Processed hair! This is available in all colors, highlights densities and lengths. a full set includes a minimum of 2-3 tops, 1 middle and 1 bottom  segment. Each segment can be used separately or in combination with other segments to make a complete Wig or Sheitel! Pick your lengths, layers or all one luxurious length, set your densities. Make it curls, or straight. Add highlights and or lowlights. Pick from our multitude of  caps , full lace, partial lace, or stretch . In the summer of 2016 we will introduce two new caps impregnated with strands of copper and/or silver to kill bacteria and reduce odor from sweating and normal wear! If you want even more variety order extra pieces to completely change your look in seconds by changing out parts of the wig!

You can design your hombre  to be exactly what you want or you can buy one of our standard pieces!

All of our wigs are guaranteed for  1 year!